The Union

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Titled, 'The Union'

Dimensions: 14"x 20" (framed)

Framed (vintage, from Mexico) acrylic paint on board

'The Union' is about two souls, two separately whole and equal forces that are united in a ceremonial union. The union hall is represented as the house-like structure in the middle, being held up with outstretched arms by the two souls that are depicted as modest circles at the very bottom. There are four pillars within the union hall, each representing the mother and the father - our creators. At the top of the union hall we see the plus sign with lighting bolts coming from either side, representing the promise that when both souls maintain their positivity with each circumstance, the positive balance will forever keep them looking up and united. On either side of the union hall, we see the scales holding up the past, present and future, the cycle of life for each soul - this is also their promise, to maintain balance, to respect each other’s wholeness and to always look for the positive within each cycle. Lastly, we see the ‘jugglers’, celebratory figures, framing the piece. They stand on top of the third eye awareness that each soul has cultivated. It is through their authentic self awareness, that they can always remain whole - to delve deep into, to weather any storm that may come their way.