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Titled, 'Protection'

Dimensions: 16"x 20"

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas

'Protection' is a piece that represents setting boundaries in order to protect ourselves from our personal (or others) doubt. At the bottom, we see the fortress of protection, taking off with upwards movement. The arrows signify rising above with focused direction, always with upwards movement. At the top, there are the three shielded circles, representing our past, present and future. We are always whole in each phase and can draw from our experiences to both receive and give in order to complete the cycles of receiving and giving. My symbol series started as messaging for myself, stories I could hang on my walls to remind me to stay focused and on path. If this work resonates with you, hang it in a place where you can see it each day to remind yourself that you are always whole and protected. For more info about this piece and the symbols, email me: