Balance, Power and Equality

Titled, 'Balance, Power and Equality'

Dimensions: 16"x 20" on 2" thick canvas

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas

'Balance, Power and Equality' has been a motto of mine for a while now, most often my favorite and harmonious relationships encompass these three aspects. The straight, horizontal line at the bottom is for balance. We are not always balanced, but those who I have the most productive relationships with, strive for that. They also strive to never let their power (shown as the lighting bolt) be taken from them, which at times (we have all been there, right?) can be a hard task. And the two identical symbols at the top, standing side by side - either as friends or a partnership, symbolize equality. The circle in the middle indicates being whole and complete within the self. It also represents the cycles of recreation, the giving and receiving. The plus sign represents approaching life with a positive mindset. The three 'feet' at the bottom symbolize being rooted or grounded.  Hang this piece where you can see it each day as a positive reminder of that special person in your life that makes magic. For more info about this piece and the symbols, email me: