The Luckiest Ticket
The Luckiest Ticket The Luckiest Ticket The Luckiest Ticket

Titled, "The Luckiest Ticket"

Dimensions: 8"x 8"

Acrylic paint with resin and treasured objects found around the beaches and sidewalks in the west side of Los Angeles, California.

My daughters and I take to the beach after a long day or when we need a reset or perspective. Looking out onto the horizon gives us a healing and grounded sense. We question and fantasize about each prized finding, like, 'oh this must be the missing button from King Alicus' favorite jacket' or 'maybe this is Eliza's long lost luckiest ticket in which she won a life changing prize' - giving each token a story perhaps heals our own lost parts of ourselves and forever suspending them in resin gives them a home that they will never be lost from again. I can't really put a figure on how many hours each one of these pieces took to gather but I can tell you, it was worth every minute.