The Time is Now
The Time is Now The Time is Now

Titled, 'The Time is Now'

Dimensions: 17 3/4"x 36"

Acrylic paint on vintage canvas

'The Time is Now' - You are on your journey, you've come so far, there is yet so much to do and the time is now. This piece has it all - the all seeing eye at the top, symbolizing consciousness. Just below that, there are the three concentric circles which represent the past, present and future. We are always whole in each phase and can draw from our experiences to both receive and give in order to complete the cycles of receiving and giving. Just below, is the shield of protection, reminding us to set boundaries - our energy is sacred. All energy is moving upwards indicating positivity and forward momentum. Hang this piece where you can see it each day as a positive reminder that now is the time to fulfill your higher purpose and to stay on path. For more info about this piece and the symbols, email me: